I’m a creative who was born on a Ryanair flight between Barcelona and London. Yes, a survivor.

I create and develop ideas for brands, but you can also find me writing poetry, presenting and doing voice overs here listentojade.persona.co

One day I’ll be the sultry voice who will convince the UK
to buy not just any cauliflower cheese, but succulent, delicious M&S cauliflower cheese. For now, here’s my work:


During this crazy time, I managed to collaborate with the amazing director, Irene Baqué, on a short visual essay about quarantine. Written and narrated by me.

Just recently, I wrote the following script for the charity Jigsaw, together with Collective Films. I created the overall campaign messaging and tone of voice for their “Revolution” campaign, to get Ireland cycling for mental health.

In June 2019, at VICE we worked on Navigator, a campaign for Marriot Hotels, where people could see what to do in six different cities across Europe depending on the time they had and the time of day.

In November 2019, 25,923 people watched me dress as Shrek for Halloween, for under £10 and with one food element. I mean, why not?

In 2019, I worked on this campaign that shows the amazing projects taken to the next level by the National Lottery  like Ageless Teenagers in Ilford 

These projects are well and truly only made possible thanks to people who buy these guys:

and of course the director Victora Fiore, who brought three of the projects to life for the campaign and Kieran Yates, the amazing journalist that hosted the three episodes. 

Also at VICE, we’ve been working on bringing Visit England’s “Microgap” campaign to life through a 9 part documentary series, editorial series and microsite. 

In the first episode, we sent the sandwich genius that is Max Halley on his way to North Wales to discover the meaning of life. 

And in one editorial we visited the amazing seals that live on the beaches of East Anglea. Chris Bethel was able to capture their beauty, and Rosie Hewitson wrote beautiful and joyful words about these amazing creatures. 

I also had the chance to work on campaign - Through The Eyes - with Panasonic, looking at style and music through the eyes of creatives in Madrid, Milan and London.

This is Laura Vandall, seen through the eyes of director Hugh Mulhern

Before I was working at VICE, I had the pleasure of writing, performing and directing the following video to celebrate five glorious years of Domestic Data Streamers.

I also wrote and directed my first short film alongside my brother from another mother, Climent Canal

For the last four years I have been working with the great guys at Domestic Data Streamers, thinking up stories, creating ideas and embarking on amazing projects like this one for the Catalan Agency for Water:

During this journey I have worked with Seat, Banc SabadellUNICEF, Spotify and my lovely friends at Domestic Data Streamers.

For more, find me at jadederobles@gmail.com, on my Twitter, or on my Instagram.
If you’re really keen, drop me a call on +44 7939 000 863.