Hi there,

I am a creative copywriter who was born on a Ryanair flight between Barcelona and London. Yes, a survivor.

I focus my work on communication and creative strategy for brands through video, digital and print.  


I have recently just written and directed my first short film alongside my brother from another mother, Climent Canal

For the last four years I have been working with the great guys at Domestic Data Streamers, thinking up stories, creating ideas and embarking on amazing projects like this one for the Catalan Agency for Water:

In a parallel universe, I have been working with Firma,
a branding, naming and advertising agency based in Barcelona. Together we have been working on branding and communication strategies for clients like Drinkfinity:

as well as writing short adverts for Water.Org.

My passion lies within powerful storytelling and strong communication strategies that empathise with and bring out the best in brands and people. 

I am currently based in London and looking for a team to work with.

During this journey I have worked with SeatBanc SabadellUNICEF, Spotify and my lovely friends at Domestic Data Streamers.

For more, find me at hello@jadederobles.com, on my Twitter, or on my Instagram.
If you’re really keen, drop me a call on +44 7939 000 863.